You will need
  • - 1C.
Install the program "1C Accounting" in the operating system of your computer. If there is a place on the local system drive, install the software there, as these utilities have to be with the operating system. When you first start the program still has no database, so the starting list is empty. Add a new database using the "Add" button. While you can initially enter a new database name and some parameters.
After starting the program, complete the basic data: the details of your organization, information about accounts, names and information about employees, contracts with other organizations and so on. Fill in information about your organization via the menu item "Service". The interface software package is intuitive, even a novice user so much difficulty when working should not occur.
The program "1C Accounting" logs of all ongoing business operations. The monetary circulation account must be entered in the journal of Payment documents, receipt for goods issued in the magazine "Goods and implementation", issued bills and invoices in the eponymous magazines. For the analysis of economic activity of the enterprise programme offers a choice of different reports: "trial balance", "purchase Ledger", "sales Ledger", a variety of reports for regulatory authorities.
Read the literature on documentation of the entity, and familiarize yourself with the basics of accounting, and then all the sections of the program you will become familiar and understandable. It is also worth noting that the Internet has a large variety of videos illustrating the basic principles of software from 1C.