You will need
  • Bank statement.
In the main program menu select "Documents"/ "statement" or command "Logs"/ "Bank".
On the toolbar click the icon "New line", the insert button or in the main menu select "Actions"/ "New".
At the top of the input form number is indicated automatically in the "from" line enter manually or select using the button with the picture of the calendar the desired date of discharge.
Press insert or click the first line of the statement. In the first line "Purpose of payment" write the contents of the transaction.
Press Enter or move the mouse cursor to second line "cash flows". Use the button points select from the reference movement type, which defines the object of analytical accounting on the accounts of "51" and "52".
String "Offset. account" will automatically be filled if the right was included all the information in the directory "Movement of money". If the account is not filled, it should be entered manually from the chart of accounts.
When properly filled the data in the directory "cash flow", "a Kind subkonto" is filled in automatically.
In "Subkonto 1", "Subkonto 2", "Subkonto 3" specify the objects of analytical accounting. To do this, press the ellipsis button and select the desired data from the directories.
Fill in the line "Income" or "Expense". These fields record the amount received or spent. For each statement row complete only one of these requisites: enrollment or cancellation.
The line "Payment document" fill in the button with the points from the log of payment documents select a document on the basis of which the movement is executed on the current account. This part of the statement can be filled manually. In the lines the date and document number enter the relevant data.
To automatically populate the data into the statement, click "selection for payment documents" and select the log to an appropriate payment order. Click OK. Data will be included in the extract based on the selected document.
Below the table, click on the "Show residuals" and you will see how much has been decommissioned, how many were received, how many were at the beginning of the day and how much is left on the cash account. Then click "Record" button and "OK".