We introduce definitions related to the concept of an ellipse.
The two points F1 and F2 are called foci of the ellipse, if for any point M is taken on the ellipse, the sum of the distances F1M + F2M is constant.
The segment AB passing through the foci, the ends of which lie on the ellipse is called the semimajor axis.
Segment CD perpendicular to segment AB and passing through its middle is called the semiminor axis.
How to draw an ellipse
Let the length of the ellipse axes AB and CD. To construct an ellipse you can use the following algorithm.
We will have two perpendicular lines from the intersection points set aside segments horizontally is equal to AB/2 and vertically equal to CD/2
How to draw an ellipse
Draw two circles with radius AB/2 and CD/2. From the center of the circle have a few rays.
How to draw an ellipse
Through the points of intersection of rays with constructed circles will hold the segments parallel to the axes of the ellipse.
How to draw an ellipse
Select the point of intersection of the constructed lines, it will be point belonging to the ellipse.
How to draw an ellipse
Connecting received points, will get an ellipse.
How to draw an ellipse