You will need
  • - landscape sheet;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • eraser.
In the middle of the sheet draw a rhombus – a geometrical figure in which all sides are smooth, and the opposite side is even and parallel. The size of the diamond so choose to fit your desired oval.
Draw two straight lines coming from the top of the obtuse angle. The second line ends bring to the middle of opposite sides. In the same way and draw the lines going from the second obtuse angle of the rhombus. Thus, it turned out four lines, intersecting at some points in the middle of the diamond.
Put the leg of the compass alternately points of intersection of lines and spend half circles with a radius equal to the distance from the point to the nearest wall of a rhombus. Thus, instead of the acute angles of a rhombus given two sides of a regular oval.
Put the leg of a compass at the vertex of obtuse angles. Measure a distance equal to held direct, and swipe arcs that connect the endpoints of straight, leaving one blunt corner. Turned out the missing side of the right oval. Remove all unnecessary lines with eraser.
Draw an oval with the second method. First, draw a horizontal line. Then divide it into three equal segments. In point, the middle of the cut, place the compasses, and slide two of the same circle of radius equal to the length of one segment of the horizontal line. To draw the correct ellipse, mark points where the circles intersect among themselves. With each of these points, swipe at the two lines passing through the centers of the circles and intersecting with the opposite sides of the circles. Put the compasses in the point of intersection of circles and radius equal to the length of the direct, swipe the arc, forming the top and bottom sides of a regular oval. The right oval is drawn.