Where issue a certificate of good conduct and why it is needed

To the Muscovite to obtain a certificate of good conduct, he will have to attend ZITS Moscow police. The building is located near the metro station Mendeleevskaya, Novoslobodskaya street, D. 57/65. On weekdays, the organization works from 9 am to 19 PM, lunch break from 13 to 14. Saturday short day, from 9 to 14 h When ordering, reference to show a passport, the service itself is free. The place is always decent, about 20 people, each client employee engaged for at least 5 minutes. To check the data of the citizen will be about a month, but asks you to call after three weeks, help can already be prepared.

Certificate of no criminal record is a very important document, it might require in different cases, depending on situations. Basically it is needed when applying for a job, in both public and private enterprises, schools, and other organizations associated with the educational process, to adopt a child or to establish guardianship over him.

In a situation when you need to obtain a residence permit or to issue the citizenship of another country requires a certificate of good conduct. Without it, some banks are not lending and the military did not arrange to serve under contract. To obtain a visa to travel to another state and reside in its territory, will not work without this document.

How to obtain a certificate of good conduct

Application for obtaining police clearance certificate in person, in a queue, it takes sometimes a few hours, or you can send your application on issuance of the certificate by mail. It necessarily should be attached photocopy of the passport. If the citizen is outside of the Russian Federation, he can contact the broker by issuing him a letter of attorney, certified in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

If the document needs a minor citizen, he writes a personal statement to receive independently, but in this case it requires the statement from parents or legal representatives. Adults are also required to provide proof of relationship or guardianship.

You can obtain a certificate of good conduct faster. To reduce the waiting time of 1-2 weeks is possible for a fee of 5 000 rubles. If the document is needed even faster in the next week, it will cost 8000 rubles. If apostille is needed, it will make for an additional cost of 3 000 rubles.

If a citizen does not have the ability to pick up the completed certificate, it will be delivered by courier service, in the metro or walking distance from it the cost of shipping certificates will equal 500 rubles, if the subway you have to go by public transport, it will cost 800 rubles.