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  • - Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation.
To determine the composition of the crime you need to allocate four main features, which will characterize the act as criminal. It is the object, subject, objective and subjective side.
Define the object of the crime. The object in this case is a legitimate social relationships that an infringement has been committed. From the object depends the public security committed crimes. The composition of crimesthat characterize the object includes the object of encroachment, the subject of the crime and the victim.
Select the objective side. The act and its consequences, by which the crime was committed. The objective side of the criminal acts described in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It can be expressed by the action or inaction of the offender.
Determine the subject is the person who committed the crime. The assignment of responsibility for the offense is possible only on the person who has attained the age specified in article 20 of the Penal code, and is responsible for the results of the examination (in accordance with article 21 of the criminal code).
Identify the subjective aspect of the crime. It includes the guilt of the subject of the act and also a motive and objective. Fault may be intentional or negligent (article 25 and 26 of the criminal code respectively).
Determine the type of structure of a crime. It can be simple (with no mitigating or aggravating circumstances that affect the degree of punishment), qualified (is a heightened danger for society, has the aggravating circumstances) and privileged (has circumstances, reduce the punishment of the subject).