You will need
  • Passport, plastic card, access to the Internet.
Most familiar to many people, the way of checking balance facial account – visit to the representative office of the Bank whose client is a person. If you decide to use this method, when contacting the Bank you will need your passport and the number of the accountwith which you wish to obtain the information you need. On arrival at the Bank will contact the competent in such matters to the employee. After authentication of your identity, the Bank representative will tell you the balance on your account.
Do not say, but a visit to the Bank would be the easy option is not for everyone. To save yourself from endless queues, you can check the balance of your personal account in a different way. If your account is tied to Bank card, you can read it at any ATM. Note that it is better to choose the ATM machine that caters to your card. If you try to find out the balance of the personal account at the ATM of another Bank, for this operation you will be charged Commission in the amount of 100-200 rubles. Clarification of the balance in the ATM of the Bank does not provide for any Commission.
If your Bank provides possibility of control of the account by the customer via the Internet, you can check the balance of your personal accountfrom the comfort of home. To do this, simply visit the appropriate section of your Bank's website and log in using unique customer data. If your Bank provides such an opportunity, but you can't get in to your personal account, you should contact his office. Here you have to fill the application connected to the service "Internet-Bank". Note that some banks provide their customers a fee for using this service.