To find the IP address using the command line, you must first run the command-line interface ("terminal"). In Windows the easiest way to do this is through dialogue "Run program" - press the WIN key and R to launch this dialogue. The same can be done, revealing the main menu on the "start" button and clicking "Run...".
After the run dialogue type in the command "cmd" (without the quotes) and click the "OK" button or press the Enter key. This way you will appear in the terminal window command line.
Now you can go directly to the definition of their IP addresses. To do this, use the utility ipconfig - it is included in standard delivery of Windows. In command prompt type "ipconfig" (without the quotes). In the terminal command line it is possible to use copy and paste using the right mouse button. So you can type the command manually, and copy the text here, and in the terminal you right-click the mouse and select the context menu command "Paste".
Typing the command, press Enter. As a result, you will receive on the terminal screen a listing of your current connections with the network, each of which will list the DNS suffix, subnet mask, IP default gateway and IP address. All of this information you can copy and paste, for example, in a text editor. To copy - click the line , right click, select context menu "Select all" and press Enter.