IP address consists of four digits from 0 to 255, separated by dots, e.g. It allows the server accessed by the computer to identify the address of the request to communicate with the computer.

In some situations, the user needs to determine the IP address of the computer. This can be done in several ways.

Defining IPaddresses via the website

To determine the IP address of the computer can take the advantage of special online services. You can access them by driving in the search query of type "to determine my ip address". The most popular resources that can determine the IP address, are 2ip.ru and smart-ip.net.

The definition of IP addresses in the properties of the Internet connection

The IP address of the computer can define the system properties. For example, in Windows 7 through the start menu" go to "control Panel" and choose the label "control Center network and sharing". In the opened tab select the icon for the Internet connection. In the new window, click on the Details button, which opens another window in which you want to find the corresponding IP address line.

Determine the IP address using ipconfig Windows service

To determine the IP address of the computer you can use a service ipconfig the Windows operating system, which determines the configuration of IP Protocol. To do this, go to the command line. This can be done by pressing the key combination Windows + R which opens the Run tab. In the input field you must enter cmd, and press Enter. In the black window of the console should write the command ipconfig and again press Enter. Then in the corresponding row you can see the IP address of the computer.

Appeal to the provider

Also the IP address of the computer you can find out from your provider. To do this you must call customer center service company and call the postal address at which service is provided Internet connection.

Types of IP addresses

When you connect the computer to the Internet is assigned an IP address. It can be static, i.e., remain unchanged, or dynamic – changing with each new connection within a specified range of available IP addresses available to the provider at the time connected to the computer. It depends on a connection method of Internet, and the type of services provided by the Internet service provider.

To determine the type of IP address. To do this, you need to double-connect and disconnect an Internet session and determine the IP address after each connection.