You will need
  • service determine IP;
  • - the ability to use the console.
Use to determine the IP address of your computer specialized online services. By accessing this website, you will see your IP. This method can be considered the simplest. In addition, it will show you the IP under which your computer can see the network – that is, the external address. Services to determine the IP very much, you can use any appropriate. To find such a service, open the search engine and enter the query "find out my IP address".
Open "control Panel" then "Network connections". Locate the shortcut of an existing connection and double-click it with the mouse. Then go to the tab "Properties". It is listed and the IP. But it will be the internal IP is the one that you see your provider.
Go to "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Command prompt". In the opened console, type ipconfig /all and press Enter. You will see a lot of information, including internal IP.
Don't forget that the IP is static or dynamic. In the first case, you always have the same IP address, it does not change when the new computer is powered on and connected to the Internet. In some cases it is convenient – for example, if you are a website owner, then in the settings panel, the administrator can specify the binding IP. In this case, nobody can log into the admin with your credentials, as it will not be the same IP. The lack of a permanent address is that if someone wants to hack into your computer and knows his IP, he will have plenty of time to plan – it address of your computer never changes.
Dynamic IP, in contrast to the static, it changes each time you connect. The anonymity of such connection is very high, usually enough to disconnect from the network and re connect and you will have to work under a different IP. But we should not forget that the provider always knows what address you have worked at one time or another.