To determine what IP address you use when connecting to the global network can refer to the document on the provision of Internet connection. Locate the contract that you signed with the provider, and read it carefully. In the "connection type" should indicate the information on what address you provided when Internet connection is: dynamic or static. However, the number of static IP addresses are not always specified in the contract.
Find out the IP address, please check with your service provider. Call or send an email to technical support company that provides you with access to the Internet, and ask them to provide information about the number of your static IP addresses.
Use the tools in the operating system Windows to determine your IP address. It is necessary to run the program "setting the IP Protocol for Windows". Go to the start menu, select in the list on the right the string "Run" and click on it.
Type in the window cmd, and click OK. Will open the file cmd.exe in the command prompt, which you need to dial ipconfig, and then press Enter. By doing this, you will see in the program window the number of your IP address, subnet mask and primary gateway for the current connection. If you have a static IP address, its number will remain unchanged for all the compounds.
Examine the properties of the current network connectivity of your computer. To do this, go to "start" click "control Panel" and select "Network connections". In the opened window, click twice on the connection icon. In the menu "Status" select the tab "Support" where you will learn the number of your IP address as well as number subnet mask, and default gateway.