First, use the Windows command prompt, log in to the administrator. Click "start" and "Run" or search box, enter the value in cmd and press "OK". Type in command prompt: nslookup domainname (host). Press "Enter". Find out the IP address of the host if it is possible, as these data may be hidden. Alternatively, instead of nslookup you can enter ping domainname (host)/t, although such access may also be blocked.
Please refer to these sites as, or Enter the URL or see possible connections to your computer, analyzing your IP. If the connection is direct, all the information you need you will be able to. Also, you will be able to learn information about the site through which you connect to the game.
If you need to know who is currently connected to the gaming (or not gaming) site, and for some IP address, first select it. Then roll the window through "start" again, refer to the command line. Enter netstat and hit Enter. In the command prompt window will display all currently active connections and ports. Example: 55901 where is the IP address of the host, 55901 – active port.
Try to learn the host's IP address in the statistics of anti-virus installed on your computer. Look for it in the blocked list, deprecated and allowed connections.
Find out the IP address of the host and the provider, while such data are usually only at the request of police, court and secret service. So don't fall for the tricks of swindlers, offers for a "free" SMS or after clicking on an unknown link provide you all the information.