You will need
  • phone, to phone manual
All landline phones there are two modes of operation: pulse and tone. In Russia landline phones by default use pulse mode and payphones and mobile – tones. First of all, is to figure out maybe the phone is already working in the tone mode. Suddenly the telephone station implies it is the tone mode by default. To determine this, try to dial any number. In pulse mode when dialing on the telephone you can hear the clicks and to tone – the phone will emit a short tone signals.
Almost all modern phones are changing the mode, if you just click the star button which says *. If you have clicked this button, but the mode is not changed, then on the phone buttons P and T. P means pulse mode, and T – tone. Switch your phone to tone mode by pressing T. If these buttons do not, you will have to find the instructions, as the phone has a very special way to switch between modes.