You will need
  • Telephone manual to enable tone mode.
Determine what mode your camera, tone or pulse. To do this, listen to what sounds are emitted by your phone when dialing. If pressing numbers to hear a click, then a pulsed mode, and if short tones, then tone.
Defining the mode of the apparatus, switch your phone from pulse mode to tone one of the three following ways.
Press on your telephone the button " * " is the easiest way to put the machine in tone mode, provided that your phone is translated this way.
Find your phone's buttons "P" and "T", they can be on the side of the machine or bottom. If there is such a button, so the phone is translated in a tone mode. Click "T" to switch to the desired mode.
If both methods are in relation to your phone is invalid, refer to the instructions supplied with the equipment. Some models of devices are translated in a tone mode in very different keys.