You will need
  • - handset with a push-button device dialing;
  • - beeper.
Check in which modeof e of work is at the moment by your mobile phone. Hit a few number keys and listen to what sounds are heard from the speaker phone. If you hear different pitched "squeak", that means your phone is already translated in a tone mode. If you are dialing from the handset hear "clicks" the phone is in pulse modee operation.
Inspect the casing of your phone. If side or bottom you'll find a switch labeled Tone/Pulse or letters T/y to enable the tone modeand move the relay in the Tone position (T).
If your phone has special keys Tone press to transfer telephone to tone mode of dialing.
If the special switch or key on your device are missing, temporarily switch the phone to tone mode set by pressing the "star". Press and hold for a few seconds. The mode your phone will be temporarily changed and you will be able to dial in the tone modeE. After the conversation ends and the connection is reset, the telephone will automatically return to the pulse modeof operation.
If you want to use tone modeohms, and you have to have a dial phone with a dial pad in the form of a disc, use a special device — a beeper. Dial the number of the desired service, via rotary dial. When it will be necessary to transfer your phone in tone mode, attach to the microphone of the phone beeper. Following the instructions of the answering machine, dial the desired numbers on the keypad beeper.