How dangerous is a tick?

A tick is dangerous to humans. Some species are vectors of serious diseases: Lyme disease, encephalitis, monocytic erlihioz and others. If after a walk in the body you find a tick, you should immediately seek medical help to remove the parasite from the skin and conduct the treatment if it affects the body.

To prevent a bite and infection, it is possible to use special medication in the form of ointments, sprays, creams or folk remedies of natural origin that help to protect against tick bites.

Effective funds against ticks

The most frequently used medicinal plants, which have a specific smell. It was the smell repels mites. Common herbs and spices that help prevent tick bites:
- rosemary;
- the sage;
- Catnip and pennyroyal;
- marigolds;
pink geranium;
- garlic;
- essential oils.
Essential oils should be diluted with water in equal proportions and then applied to the exposed areas of the body.

An excellent remedy for mites is a mixture of 2 tbsp of almond oil and 15 drops of geranium oil. The mixed composition can be stored in a cool place for up to six months. Before going out on the street or a hike in the woods is recommended to apply a few drops over your skin and clothes. In any case, do not apply the mixture on the area around the eyes as it causes irritation. Instead of geranium oil, you can use the palmarosa oil, which has similar properties, but its cost is much lower.

For more convenient use, prepare a solution for spraying clothes: mix 2 tsp oil of palmarosa or geranium, a glass of water, a small amount of alcohol. Pour the mixture into a bottle with sprayer and use when needed.

To deter ticks and other harmful insects, before heading to the forest can lubricate clothing birch tar. It is quite effective but has a pungent smell. With this "flavour" is unlikely to succeed to take a walk in the Park and not to scare other people. But for a hike in the woods for mushrooms or berries, this method helps to protect yourself from bites.
Tar is easily absorbed into the clothes, and the smell is quite difficult to remove even after numerous washings.

These methods reduce the risk of contact with ticks on the skin, but does not give a 100% result. During the emergence of mites it is recommended to get vaccinated, which even in the case of bite protects the body from infection by dangerous diseases.