After pinching a finger, often there is swelling and damage blood vessels — hematoma. First aid is the cooling of tissues. Hold your finger under running cold water. In the absence of serious damage to the edema subsides after an hour, at the same time subsides and pain.

If that happens, put on the injured finger dry dressing and often apply ice, wrapped in cellophane or thick fabric. Try not to move once again injured limb. For pain take an analgesic, for example, "Baralgin", "Nurofen" etc., Observe the dynamics within two days. If there is any improvement, replace the cold compress on the warm, and for the early resorption of hematoma use heparin ointment. If no improvement or if you have stiff fingers, consult a surgeon and take an x-ray. Likely to cause severe pain and swelling is damage to the bone. Also this may be indicative of a fever, and deformity of the finger.

Often, the pinched finger occurs violation of the integrity of the nail plate. But not always this is evidenced by the crack. Sometimes the nail is formed a red spot, which over time can grow and turn black. If the damage is major, to save the nail is not likely to succeed. Within a few months it will come off, gradually being replaced by a new one. It is important to keep hands clean so as not to introduce infection into the wound. In addition, you need to be careful to not further injure the damaged finger.

If you are experiencing the inconvenience caused by the convergence of the old nail, consult a doctor. Specialist under local anesthesia will remove the damaged nail plate and will tell you what to do, so the healing was quick and painless.