In order to book your desired wedding date, you need to go to the state and social services of the region where you live. For example, for the capital is the informational website of the government of Moscow. It should be remembered that the services on the portal are available only at the choice of the date of marriage and appointment to the registry authorities. That is a statement to file on-line, you can't.Remember to reserve the day of the marriage is permitted not earlier than three months before the date. But tightening is not necessary, because two months before the chosen day, the electronic record ceases. The procedure works as follows: the portal of state services you choose the registry office where you want to hold the ceremony. Note that in Moscow the marriage (this category includes citizens of Ukraine and Belarus) are only in wedding Palace No. 4. Then specify the date and desired time of registration. If she's already taken, you can view the options that you will offer system.If the date and time are free, in the proposed fields, enter information about the bride and groom. Then specify a convenient time for you when you will be able to come in to file a real statement. Just remember that the reserved date is not tolerated, and if you don't come to the registry office to apply your reservation on the date of the wedding will be canceled. In response to your request you will receive a unique coupon via email. It must be brought in the day, when you go to apply. It will be confirmation that you are registered in the system.In order not to lose time, you can print the application form on the Internet, directly on the portal. Fill it and take it to the appointed time to the Registrar. Also don't forget to pre-pay the state fee for a marriage service. Its size is defined by law and amounts to 200 p. You don't even need to take the details, in savings banks and so know what numbers to enter. Receipt for payment of the grant professionals the Registrar for consideration. Don't forget to take with you to apply a passport, because it will verify the authenticity of the requested information.Then your application will assure and will fix for you the chosen date and time.