Registration of birth is carried out on the records of acts of civil status (ZAGS). Parents need to contact the Registrar at the place of birth or place of residence of the parents. This registration is required to officially confirm the birth of the new man. At the same time he will be given the name, surname and patronymic, and also will have the parents – mother and father. This document is called a birth certificate. The form of this document filled in printed on stamped paper. Each form is a document of strict accountability, bearing serial number. The certificate is filled in by the Registrar and stamped with the official stamp. Also a record of birth entered in the book of acts of civil status.

To enroll your child in the registry office should submit the following documents:

- certificate of birth issued by the hospital.
- passports of parents;
- certificate of marriage (if any);
- the application for registration of the child (to be completed in the Registrar in the prescribed form).

When the parents among themselves are legally married, apply to the Registrar for registration of a child any of them. If the parents are not married, but the father confirmed his paternity and wants the birth certificate was provided) the data in the Registrar's office need to come together. In this case, will issue a birth certificate of the child and legally establish paternity.

If the mother is not in official relationship with the father of the baby and the paternity of the child is not set, the name of the child fit the desire of mother, the patronymic is written on behalf of the person identified as the father of the child, and the name is assigned by the mother's surname. In this case, where the mother data about the father may not fit the entry of the birth act.

If for some reason parents are unable themselves to go to the registry office, then it can make parents authorized person who should have the power of attorney confirming its authority, certified by a notary. A statement of the child's birth must be submitted to the Registrar no later than one month from the date of his birth. After registration of the child's parents will be issued with: certificate of birth, certificate of birth to receive a lump sum, the certificate of paternity (if parents are not married).