The most important question that puzzled people for how many months must submit an application to the Registrar. Documents acceptance is carried out at least two months before the proposed wedding date. This period may be less if you have good reasons provided by law. These include pregnancy or any health problems. In this regard, with the provision of documentation, the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Registrar shall reduce the time even up to several days.

Rules applying

An important issue is the change of name. In most cases, the wife takes her husband's name, but there are cases when the family decides to live under a double name or surname of the wife. The problem with this desire is not, as all required by law. All this is prescribed in the statement on the day of submission.

Arriving at the registry office, you have to fill in the questionnaire and the statement itself. It identifies all the passport data. If either of you were previously married, it is important to take the certificate of dissolution of marriage. Without it there may be problems with the acceptance of the application.


When people say that getting married on a certain day before the event for a long time, they probably only planned and are now at the stage of engagement. Their statement could not be accepted.

Civil marriage does not exist, and the statement do not need to file. He means just living together and not imply any obligations.

Apply and one person. For this you need to take in advance at the registry office a statement that will fill your partner. Then it must be notarised and only then it is valid and considered.

Applying is not a free process, the state fee is 200 rubles and is to be paid at any Bank.

Sunday and Monday the registration of marriages is not carried out, as well as the last Thursday of the month - sanitary day. This information is better to check in the registry office where you register. In Fridays and Saturdays usually conduct the wedding ceremony.

It is possible to get married without a ceremonial March, so everything goes much faster. You just sign the statement, the passport will deliver print and issue the certificate. But of course people want to make wedding memorable for themselves and guests.

Submission of an application to the registry office and a wedding - simple enough matter. To live life with one person is more complicated. But if you are willing, then feel free to go and wait in the queue for the formalization of the family!