You will need
  • Passport
  • Receipt for payment of registration fee
  • Certificate of dissolution of marriage (if you marry again)
  • Permission from local authorities (if the groom or the bride is under 18 years of age)
The first thing required for marriage is a mutual and unconditional consent of the intending spouses. In addition, if one of the couples minors (the legal age of marriage in Russia is 18 years) will need a permit from local authorities. It is usually issued when the young bride is pregnant or already has children, or in the case where the family actually already has happened and it is required to register legally. Note that while parental consent for marriage is required. In addition, if the groom or bride is previously married, then apply for the registration of a new Union is possible only after the previous marriage is dissolved – polygamy and polyandry is prohibited in Russia by law.
To register a marriage in any registry office in Russia, place of residence or temporary registration of the prospective spouses here is irrelevant. Before you apply, you must pay the state fee. The size of her burdensome (1 minimum wage), and a receipt can be issued in the name of the groom and bride.
Find out what days and what hours your chosen Registrar receives the application for the marriage. Then choose a convenient time and come to apply. You should have a receipt confirming payment of state duties, passports, proof of termination of previous marriages (if they were). Application form for marriage you will be issued directly to the Registrar.
Transmission of a Declaration with the Registrar to discuss with you the date of registration of the Union. As a rule, "to test the senses" to the bride and groom is given one month (from date of application to the date of registration), but if necessary, this period may be extended up to two months. If there are "special circumstances" (pregnancy, presence of children, first-out, or serious illness of a spouse), the period may be reduced. In this case, if you do not insist on official registration and ready to "just sign" the marriage can be concluded in day of filing.
According to your desire to be married in a solemn ceremony (in the front hall, a March by Mendelssohn and solemn speeches), and "just sign" in the presence of the Registrar. This question should also specify when applying. Note that for "netorzhestvennoy" registration you can come to register the marriage together – now according to the law for registration of documents, witnesses are not required.
Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to bring to the registry office of your passport in one-two days before the scheduled registration is necessary in order to effortlessly prepare the marriage certificate.