You will need
  • Any musical instrument
First and foremost, if you decide to learn to sing, to determine the range can and should appeal to any music teacher. With the help of a musical instrument (most often piano) teacher will identify the lower and upper note that you will be able to play. Not only is it important to "hang on" to a particular note, but to be able to sing.
Self-range of voices is determined in the same way as with the teacher. Take any musical instrument and pressing the keys or striking the strings, try humming sounds starting at the bottom and gradually moving upwards. Be careful – the singing should be given easily, without stretching, otherwise you can disrupt the voice.
It is noteworthy that during normal speech a person uses only a tenth part of his vocal range. Ordinary people, singing songs, feels free only within a single register. But with the right training and exercise, range can be greatly expanded. Typically, the expansion occurs as a result of raising the upper end of the range.
The correct definition of the vocal range will help you to choose the right song repertoire, which does not overload the cords. However, the voice may need not only singers. People who want to improve their speech, also often have vocals. Because the extension of the vocal range affects other characteristics of voice , such as strength, tone and color.
In addition to specific exercises for singers to extend range and improve voice quality using any breathing exercises. Also, except for the breathing of the person who wants to sing beautifully and to say, have to watch your posture, because stiffness in the body is not conducive to proper breathing, which means singing and speech.