Remember, whether in your family is sick with asthma. Often the disease is hereditary. Or do you have a predisposition to allergies? In these cases listen to your body.
A precursor of asthma may be constant runny nose. Remember how often you have it occurs as takes a long time if there are chronic forms? In this case, treatment with medications do not bring relief.
Observe your condition after suffering a cold. When developing asthma remains dry cough, for which medications have not worked. Intense coughing occurs at night and in the morning.
Follow the body temperature. In asthma it is not common, but its increase may indicate the course of another disease with similar symptoms.
Contact your doctor if you think you have the first symptoms. Early on the doctor can diagnose the disease to take preventive measures.
Listen to your body. Asthma have concluded abruptly after the outbreak of the attack (sudden rhinitis, itching all over the body, tightness in chest, wheezing). At this point sit down, leaning forward. This will facilitate the expansion of the bronchi. The attack can last minutes, maybe hours.
Wear a always drugs acting on the bronchi. To buy the necessary medication only after consultation with the physician.
If the attack continues for too long without relief, then call an ambulance (you may need the services of intensive care).
Try to avoid strong stress, the excess emotions can cause an asthmatic suffocation. The reason may be the interaction with the allergen.