You will need
  • the voice, apparatus for determining the color of the voice
Of course, voice tone depends not only on the ability to reproduce a certain number of octaves, but from the timbre, transient notes and other indicators of vocal abilities. More accurate data can be obtained with the help of special equipment to study in detail the outgoing sound and klassificeret in certain areas.
Sound, the spectrometer receives the sound of the voice through a special microphone and sound amplifier. Electroacoustic filters divide the sound into its component parts. All actions of the equipment can be seen on the available screen. Next is the formant analysis of speech disfluencies composition of sound, as speech formants directly affect the awareness of sounds. Of particular importance in the recognizability of sounds have the first two or three vowels, so you can recognize different people with similar formatami.
Standard classification of types of voice lets you know the timbre of the voice of man. The highest vote is considered to be a soprano (for women) and tenor (for men). The average and most common sound of human voice is a mezzo-soprano (for women) and a baritone (for men). Fairly rare type of voice is considered to be contralto (female) and bass (men). Main types of voices , in turn, vary according to altitude variation and the nature of the timbre of the voice, and therefore involves various subtypes (lyric baritone, bass-activist, tenor-Altino, dramatic tenor, etc.).