For starters, accept the idea that no one is able to master the full scope of knowledge on the subject that you have to pass. This fully applies to those people who will take the state exam. It is impossible to grasp the immensity. On "five" the structure of the universe does not even know the Lord.
Suppose that you being a model pupil or a pupil memorize the material from cover to cover. But when there comes the crucial moment of the exam, and you need to play your knowledge, excitement can play a cruel joke with you. What if the experience of mankind has suddenly disappeared from your mind?
Do not rush to despair. You know, a lot of things and able to handle any situation. Take a few deep breaths. Let go, let the mind to find the answers to all the questions. If consciousness suddenly can not cope with this, help him come your powerful unconscious.
Whatever happens, act confident. All his appearance make it clear to the examiner that you own the subject and ready to answer the exam question. Act as the leader. To demonstrate confidence in themselves, sometimes enough for sitting down to answer a ticket, to move the chair to another place. Remember - you own the situation, not the situation that owns you.
Remember that the examiner was not born a Mature scientist. Once he was a student and was shaking with excitement before the next exam or competition. It is therefore useful to speak briefly about what you currently feel.
Do you feel the excitement. Tell me about your feelings. This is not a sign of weakness, quite the contrary. An experienced teacher will understand you perfectly and condescending smile, try and be fatherly to calm your excitement. In one word, show its location. That's all you need.
If you absolutely must "float" in the content of examination, ask the teacher questions. It sounds paradoxical, but it works. Say that a few hours before understand this question, but I could not really understand where that comes from. Ask the opinion of the teacher – how would he explain the strange place. You will be surprised, but each person is only waiting for an opportune moment to Express his personal – and the only correct opinion on any issue. Become an attentive listener. Thank the examiner for a clear explanation finally put in your head everything in its place.
Don't forget to enjoy received a high rating and something to enjoy myself. Success should be secured.