Advice 1: How to prepare for state

Any exam requires knowledge on the subject, especially the state. But even the most complete knowledge does not guarantee that the response will be high. Sometimes, having mastered the material, you can succumb to the natural excitement and take responsible action. Therefore, when preparing for the exam it is more important to pay attention to psychological preparation.
How to prepare for state
For starters, accept the idea that no one is able to master the full scope of knowledge on the subject that you have to pass. This fully applies to those people who will take the state exam. It is impossible to grasp the immensity. On "five" the structure of the universe does not even know the Lord.
Suppose that you being a model pupil or a pupil memorize the material from cover to cover. But when there comes the crucial moment of the exam, and you need to play your knowledge, excitement can play a cruel joke with you. What if the experience of mankind has suddenly disappeared from your mind?
Do not rush to despair. You know, a lot of things and able to handle any situation. Take a few deep breaths. Let go, let the mind to find the answers to all the questions. If consciousness suddenly can not cope with this, help him come your powerful unconscious.
Whatever happens, act confident. All his appearance make it clear to the examiner that you own the subject and ready to answer the exam question. Act as the leader. To demonstrate confidence in themselves, sometimes enough for sitting down to answer a ticket, to move the chair to another place. Remember - you own the situation, not the situation that owns you.
Remember that the examiner was not born a Mature scientist. Once he was a student and was shaking with excitement before the next exam or competition. It is therefore useful to speak briefly about what you currently feel.
Do you feel the excitement. Tell me about your feelings. This is not a sign of weakness, quite the contrary. An experienced teacher will understand you perfectly and condescending smile, try and be fatherly to calm your excitement. In one word, show its location. That's all you need.
If you absolutely must "float" in the content of examination, ask the teacher questions. It sounds paradoxical, but it works. Say that a few hours before understand this question, but I could not really understand where that comes from. Ask the opinion of the teacher – how would he explain the strange place. You will be surprised, but each person is only waiting for an opportune moment to Express his personal – and the only correct opinion on any issue. Become an attentive listener. Thank the examiner for a clear explanation finally put in your head everything in its place.
Don't forget to enjoy received a high rating and something to enjoy myself. Success should be secured.

Advice 2 : How to prepare for the exam

State exam – the final frontier in training before graduation. Each of the students come to it with different levels of readiness. Someone the whole period of education worked diligently, and someone barely opened the textbook before tests. But regardless of this, to the state examination requires serious preparation.
How to prepare for the exam
You will need
  • a list of the exam questions
  • educational literature
Set yourself up for serious work. The main thing is to overcome my laziness and unwillingness to comprehend the material. Even the most complex subject you can master in a certain mood. This requires the will, commitment and perseverance. Therefore, cultivate in yourself a confidence that you will easily cope with the development of any issue. By the way, this quality will serve you well in life and in the future. Only it should not be confused with overconfidence.
Collect textbooks, which you will qualify. Let this be a small number of publications. Only two or three. And it is desirable that they were from a list recommended by the faculty examination Board. It would be nice to have lectures on subjects of state examination. But we should remember that it is only a brief summary of what I want to hear from you. For quality training, a deeper study of the material. Try not to use variety of ready-made Cribs, and brief lectures that fill the Internet and bookstore shelves. There may be many inaccuracies, but the volume of material is not enough for a successful response to the exam.
Check out the program state exam. It will be for you to plan your training.
You can now proceed directly to the study disciplines included in the program. In selected textbooks find those topics which it contains.
For each question highlight the most important thing. For better memorization can write some phrases and keywords, create your logical schema. Rest assured that your efforts will not be in vain. Understand the meaning of key terms for each subject. Those who can't remember, write it down.
When the material is fully understood, re-read your notes. If you can't remember, refer again to the textbooks.
The day before the exam try to rest and sleep. Do not worry unnecessarily, because you are well prepared, and you will succeed.
Excitement is one of the reasons of failures during the exams. Learn to deal with it. This will help you deep and slow breathing.

Do not be silent for a long time and do not carry nonsense, if you don't know the answer to any question the examiner. Instead, ask for clarification, perhaps it will be pocketkai.
Useful advice
If you are accustomed to use cheat sheets, bring your records. They will be able to give you the confidence during preparation to answer. But try not to use them, because the state exam shows the result of all you have spent on training time. You've spent this time not in vain, isn't it?

Advice 3 : What to wear to the exam

State exam is an important day in the life of a student. It is an occasion to demonstrate their professional competence, to prove to the teachers of the Commission and myself that the training time was spent not in vain. Remember: the exam is an event formal and serious, so dress should be accordingly.
What to wear to the exam

What style of clothes to choose for the exam

The state exam is an important day for the graduates, and teachers. To blight it can only be two things: ignorance and unkempt appearance. The first is corrected by learning the answers to the tickets, the second – the right kind of clothes.

Some Universities specified in the Charter, what to wear to the exam. As a rule, there are common requirements: the clothes are not bright, but not dark colors, no bright colors, length, mini, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Preferred suits, jackets with skirts/dresses knee length or slightly above, light blouses and shirts. If Charter schools do not give instructions what to wear to the exam, focus on conventionally-business style.

This style assumes that the appearance of the garment close to the classic, but it could be different cut, color, additional details. For example, the jacket may have an unusual finish or be made of cotton, not suiting. Instead of the usual shirts you can safely use a blouse with jabot, stand collar or a bow. Pants do not have to be the classic straight cut. Suitable, for example, narrow model, flared from the hip, breeches.

Clothing for the exam is important not only style but also color. The most relevant psychologists believe black, grey, brown, dark blue, Burgundy. As supplements you should use white, beige, pastel pink/blue, peach. Vivid detail (a striking scarf, brooches, necklaces, etc.) it is reasonable to use only if you plan to use only the head. The use of accessories and apparel with contrast trim is the best way to attract the views of the members of the Commission.

Suitable for exam ensembles

Conventionally business-like style offers to the graduates of the vast field of possibilities. From a wide range of things you can easily choose the best fitting and accentuate your strengths clothes. Just remember: you should feel comfortable.

Would look nice narrowed to the bottom of the skirt with the addition of the peplum and tucked in her blouse/shirt of thick cotton fabric. It is also possible with bottom classic cut knee-length. In this case, the top choose from the finish and, if desired, throw on top of a jacket or cardigan.

To wear to the exam can and dress. The best option is a simple box with a length just above the knees. On top of it use this elegant jacket or blazer. Remember the details: no matter how hot, be sure to wear tights/stockings.

Pants more comfortable and practical clothing. To pass the exam, choose a model with an easy fit. For example, pants from crisp cotton with a straight leg. As a top coat and use pododerm top or shirt/blouse with a classic vest.

If you want to put on more original models of trousers, be sure to analyze it for relevance. For example, when choosing fashionable skinny pants jacket/blazer should have an elongated style. In hot weather come to the aid of the shorts a classic cut of a thick fabric (always with tights). And remember: on the exam it is inappropriate to appear in leggings, tights, mini-skirts and jeans.

Pay special attention to the selection of shoes. The best option is flat shoes with round toe and chunky heel 3-6, see In color, they should complement the main outfit. You can also wear a neutral color ballet flats. Refrain from shoes, sexy shoes heels, sandals, etc.

Advice 4 : Is it possible to hide a crib sheet on the teacher's exam

State exam – the final frontier, the final teaching in higher education. This event is held in all universities of the country and determines the degree of knowledge of a graduate in the field of the specialty for which he studied.
Is it possible to hide a crib sheet on the teacher's exam

Cheat sheet for the state exam

Any exam can be taken by using crib. Including state. The difficulty is that on the teacher's exam, as a rule, there is a selection Committee of 4-6 people. Students are seated in a staggered manner, to observe the process of reproducing information from memory on a piece of paper. The level of control in this situation significantly increases. So the standard procedure of cheating from the mobile phone often does not work.

First, even if the main emphasis will be placed on the crib, the basic concepts should still how to learn. All the teacher's exam teachers from admissions asking questions along the way. Secondly, it is necessary to do more than one cheat sheet. So further increases the chances of cheating. The thing is that when the teacher sees the student spur, no doubt it wins. After that his attention to this student slightly dulled. Thinks to write more nowhere. This case must be stashed another copy of a selected crib.

The two most effective types of Cribs

One of the most effective types of spurs – "the bomb". Its essence is as follows. On each sheet of paper pre-written answers to exam questions. Each sheet you should mark the corresponding question number. Usually the exam do not run in street clothes and with a bag. So the "bomb" should be hidden under the shirt. To cook like the spurs best on soft copybook sheets. They are less likely to rustle.

The advantage of these Cribs is easy to use. After he was pulled out the ticket, it is only necessary to get the leaves with the appropriate answers and pretend like the whole thing is recorded. Process taking is a minus. Large size exercise book make it difficult to do so quietly. But only difficult, not make it impossible.

The second is the most suitable for this event method of cheating – use the micro. Especially this method is very suitable for female with long hair. They can easily cover up the gadget from the eyes of teachers.

In this Scam involved two characters. The first passes the exam, the second is dictated by phone to answer questions. Earpiece paired with the phone via Bluetooth and is inserted into the ear. Before entering the audience needs to call his assistant and staying on lane, and safely hide the phone. After I had taken the ticket, the procedure starts cheating. Assistant dictates the questions, making between them a small break. After getting on need, graduate like sneezes, giving a colleague to understand that the issue found. He begins calmly and clearly to read the answer.
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