You will need
  • - work of students;
  • - reference literature.
Evaluation of written answers and essays students – the most difficult task for a reviewer. There is a special system of criteria that helps to objectively judge the quality of a particular work.
The main criterion is the line of reasoning of a student given topic. If asked "What is the role of the state in the formation of the personality in post-industrial Europe?", a child writes about the formation of personality in General, you may not put the highest score.
Competent reasoning is also very important, greatly affecting the final result. The average number of arguments in an essay three or four (in the absence of direct guidance on this issue in the question). If the task says: "Give at least five arguments in defense of this point of view," evaluate the work according to the requirement.
Pay special attention to the actual accuracy of the presented arguments. Check the specified date, membership of the quotes these authors. Often the students taking advantage of the fact that a particular scientist wrote a great number of works, and maintenance of all nobody knows them, is credited with his own thoughts.
An opinion is another important criterion for the assessment exam in social studies. Undoubtedly, personal judgments should be present in the work, but in the form of conclusions or analysis based on well-known scientific facts. Over the allegations, especially with a bright emotional coloring, feel free to reduce the rating.
Logic of presentation is also important in an essay for social studies. Statements must be located in order to explain and complement each other. The best option is the build diagram of "Point of view – the argument – argument – argument – conclusion".
The scope of the job "C9" (essay) should not exceed two A4 pages. But in this case, pay attention to the peculiarity of the handwriting. If a student writes very finely, but the theme is fully uncovered, given a sufficient number of arguments, not reduce his rating on this criterion.