You will need
  • manuals;
  • cards;
  • - perhaps the money for a tutor.
Break the textbook material and lectures on topics related to various spheres of society: political, economic, social, and spiritual. Learn all the basic terms that characterize each of these areas.
Make a sign, consisting of 2 columns: term and definition. So, you can directly before taking the exam faster to recall everything you need.
Prepare card. Write each definition or the term, but no definition. Ask someone of your friends or family to test you on these cards.
Make a chronological table of the acts, laws, political, economic, philosophic, etc. systems. Each table should be 4 columns: date, system, description, figures. So you sistematizarea all course materials.
Draw a diagram, which should be reflected ways and methods of cooperation of various public institutions. Such schemes can also be arranged in chronological order, to demonstrate how changing the structure of social relations for centuries.
You can teach social studies and common method: from simple to complex. But do not forget that, first, some questions seem simple, and, secondly, without a solid knowledge of simple fact you will never understand the rest. And of course don't forget about the terminology.
If you find it difficult to master the course materials, ask parents to hire a tutor, especially if you are going to continue to go to College. Explain to them that the services of a tutor is nothing compared to the tuition at the University.
Purchase the textbooks and manuals with the stamp FIPI (Federal Institute of pedagogical research). Only such educational literature contains accurate and complete information on the subject matter.