Preparing for the exam in social studies should take place systematically. In addition to the middle school program need to concern yourself, making a plan of training, or with a tutor. In addition, it is useful to solve typical tasks that may be on the exam. You can find them in various textbooks on preparing for the exam, the Internet training programs.
Selection of tutorials in preparation for the exam on social science needs to be careful. Some publishers misrepresent the information on the exam, it may be quite outdated, and sometimes unreliable. It is best to purchase allowances that have been tested at the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements.
The amount of information to prepare for the exam on social science is not as great in contrast, for example, from history, since this discipline is taught only in high school. However, the complexity of the exam can occur. Usually, the problems associated with the solution of the third part of the job, so you should pay special attention to it.
In addition, better repeat questions on the topics, not the order of the tasks. So they are quickly digested, in addition, the information perceived to be quite logical. Useful after reading the threads to write a brief outline, the scheme or plan. It is useful to you in the future, in repetition of material.
When you decide common exam in social studies, note time. Distributing it correctly, leave a significant portion of time dealing with parts, so you can score more points.
On the last day before the exam, repeat the material covered, review decided options.