Advice 1: How to recover corrupted word file

When a Word document for some reason has become unreadable, it is most likely damaged. However, this does not mean that information is lost, and it is possible to say goodbye. There are ways that will help to repair the damaged file.

Method of recovering a damaged file No. 1

To restore a Word document, you will need to go to the menu "File" and select "Open". After this should open a new dialog box, it will need to find and choose the corrupted file. You must then click on the "Open" button and restore the document. It so happens that when you open the file it contains Cyrillic, in this case, you should see a dialog box titled "Convert file". Here you will need to select the encoding in which you want to recover the file. In some cases, even no need to change anything because by default, the program will determine the appropriate encoding. It is important to remember that in some cases the document remains unreadable, then nothing can be done. If a file has no symbols, Russian keyboard, the user will see a dialog box "Show markup", it will be seen the list of fixes made. You can go through that list and see what's fixed.

Method of recovering a damaged file No. 2

You can choose a different method of recovery file. This will need to go to the menu "File" and select "Open". After these steps, a dialog box will appear, it is necessary to find and select the corrupted file. Also at the bottom you can choose its type, but if perfect one which is the default, nothing need not be modified from the user only need to press the "Open" button. After this operation the document will be restored and opened. However, there is a probability that it will open not in the condition expected, but at least text will be readable.

Method of recovering a damaged file No. 3

If the previous 2 methods didn't produce results, you should use the free program Recuva, which you can find on the web. It allows you to recover any type of file. After installation you should start it in the wizard to select the damaged document and click "Next". Depending on where the file is located, you need to choose its location. When it is unknown, select "unknown" and click "Next". The program will search for possible documents and restore corrupted file.

If this program did not help, and to restore the document is extremely important, should be the Word Recovery Toolbox. It helps even in difficult cases and is inexpensive. For this reason, care should be taken about buying it in advance, especially if such problem occurs quite often.

Advice 2 : How to repair Microsoft Office

Sometimes the user is faced with the fact that Microsoft Office is removed from the interference of the virus or simply by accident. Also often lost data from unsaved documents. In all these cases, there is a special procedure of information recovery.
How to repair Microsoft Office
Restore lost documents that you have created using the software package Microsoft Office. For example, create a new document in Microsoft Word, then click the File tab and go to "Settings". Click on "Save" and see what folder the program saves draft versions of documents. If the function AutoSave is enabled, you will likely be able to recover the lost documents. Otherwise, activate the AutoSave in order to avoid such problems.
Select "Open" in menu "File". Navigate to the folder where are the saved draft versions of documents, and choose from them, focusing on the date of loss of the file. Specify the option "Open and repair" in the proposed action, then the program will open the last saved version of the document. You can also open the folder with the drafts directly from the system and to open with the correct program need version.
Try to restore themselves Microsoft Office programs, if they were removed for some reason. Go to the system menu "start" then "All programs" - "system tools" and select "system Restore". Follow the on-screen instructions, select the necessary restore point when the program Office was on the computer and successfully run. Click "Next" and wait while the system restore. After this the computer will reboot, and the system will report the successful completion of the procedure. This way you will be able to restore themselves as the deleted program and lost documents.
Run a system check for viruses. Some of them removed various programs including office, as well as custom documents. Clean the system from viruses, to avoid further similar problems.
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