Determine what the place had to be files, which are currently not in place, make sure that you have them moved to another location. To do this, use the built-in search system in Windows. Open the start menu, in which click "Search". Opens the window "search Results" with custom settings in the left sidebar of the window.
In the field "Search for files and folders" enter the full name or portion of the file name, which are going to find. Also in the line "Search test" you can enter a fragment of the file contents, that is, if you are looking for a text document, don't remember what was the name of the file itself, you can enter the title of the article or any part of its contents.
Next, select the system the place where she should search. You can specify how many partitions on the computer or browse to specify a particular folder.
Search if no positive results are not given, then it is likely that the files have been removed from the computer. To recover missing computer files, install a special program to restore files. One such program is UndeleteMyFiles, which is distributed on the basis of freeware, that is free.
Run the program and from the main menu select "Deleted File Search deleted files). In the upper part of the window that opens click on the "Search" (Search). In the appeared new window "Search options" on the tab "Locations" (Location) select the partition on which you want to look for the missing files. If you want to search in a certain directory on disk, then click on the "Add location" and select a directory to search. On the tabs "Files" (Files) "Size") and "Attributes" (Attributes) you can set such search parameters as file extensions, their size and attributes, respectively.