There are people who care about the fate of orphans. Especially need help children living in the orphanage. To provide it can be anyone, you only need sadistica goal, and ways to do this are many.

Regular visits

To help baby house can be contacted by phone with the senior educator or Manager and find out what is in dire need of this institution. His employees are happy to dictate a list of what kids need. You can then go to the store and purchase items from the list at their discretion. If possible, it should be help regularly. For example, once a month to get there cloths, medicines, toys, personal hygiene items. But you can help and from case to case, for it will also be very grateful. For example, it is possible to buy the kids gifts for the holidays, give them tea parties with contests and prizes. Best of all, of course, to find like-minded people each month to reset and get something for the kids. In the end, this contribution will not make a hole in the family budget, and the assistance will be tangible.

The volunteer movement

Not everyone can help home baby financially, but if you have free time and desire, you can join the volunteer movement and to go to work in this place for free. Of course, no one is forcing to spend the whole day there, you can negotiate to do a certain job, spending just a few hours. You can also talk to the Manager and yourself. However, nursing babies are not allowed, as this will need to have the sanitary book, a certificate of health and medical education. But it is possible, for example, to clean the premises, wash clothes, wash dishes. Such assistance also will be happy, and, if possible, it should offer. If you have a pedagogical education, you can conduct classes for children with educational games, competitions and tasks.

Money transfer

When there is no time travel in the house of the baby, it is possible to assist this institution financially. In this case, you will need to know the account of the baby orphanages in the city and transfer it to a certain amount of money. To help was more tangible, you can create a group in the popular social network. Participants will chip in as much as they can, and the owner of the community will subsequently transfer the collected funds to the account of the baby house.