A portfolio is a folder that contains your achievements. If the employer does not put in the requirements the existence of such a dossier, try to provide it, as this will increase your chances of employment. But remember that it must contain only high-quality and original material.

Suppose you model. Pick only the best photos. They should emphasize the dignity of your appearance. You also have to reveal their identity, choosing exactly the images that you match.

Photos for portfolio need to do from a professional photographer. If you use the services of a makeup artist and stylist, this will only increase the chance to contract with a modeling Agency.

A portfolio may be different. For example, the standard. In this case, the selected multiple images to a model that is changing the makeup, clothes, hair, emotions, environment, etc. In one picture you can portray a femme fatale, on the other – a pretty young lady, on the third – a caring mother.

There is a basic portfolio, it is slightly inferior to the standard price. Here you do not change the way this shooting can be called a portrait.

If you are a designer, you may also require a portfolio. In this case, you do not need to insert their pictures in the packet of materials needs to enter your projects. The greatest success you will achieve in that case, if you show the employer or the customer of the original work.

There are many professions where you may need a portfolio. This journalist, artist and architect, even a bricklayer. Note that portfolio can be not only in the form of a pile of documents or photos. Use media files, electronic formats. You can also make portfolio presentations.