Advice 1: How to plant a money tree

It is believed that growing up in an apartment money tree brings good luck to the house, and his owners will never know need of funds. Botanists don't know plants with the same name, but the role his success plays jade vulgaris – dwarf tree, covered with rounded fleshy leaves.
How to plant a money tree
To grow crassula easy, it is unpretentious, does not require any specialized care. But if you will be able to provide her with a comfortable environment, it can even bloom. In hair-Shui, it is believed that money tree, suddenly threw flower buds, predicts a huge fortune or a windfall.
Crassula propagated by cuttings and leaves. Just take one of them from the adult plant, slightly dry in the air and you can plant it in a separate pot. While the process does not take root, the pot can be covered with plastic sheeting, but in this case the plant will need to ventilate at least once a day.
Put a pot of money tree is better in the area of wealth apartment, which is usually located in the South-Eastern part. Will be very good if you can organize the plant partial shade, in direct sunlight and in the darkness jade can start to hurt and throw off the leaves.
Watering the money tree should be very sparingly as the drying of the upper soil layer. The leaves of the jade are very fond of spraying from a spray they throw a little douche about once a month. In winter, watering the tree should be kept to a minimum or discontinue altogether.
Older plant, according to the rules of Feng Shui, it is necessary to tie a red ribbon around the trunk and decorate it with leaves small coins.
Care money tree. Not everyone knows the plant under the name "jade" and the more "crassula", but almost everyone will tell you, looks like the money tree (the tree of happiness, love tree or monkey puzzle tree). In fact, it is all one and the same succulent plants beloved by gardeners for flexible and unpretentious character. It claims that you can't just buy a ready-made tree, it needs to grow from otherstock, take care of it, nurture and love with all my heart. Only then will it be good.
Useful advice
If you decide to grow not just flower room, and a magic talisman, consider another feature – the stalk or leaf, it is desirable to disrupt secretly (in other words – steal) or buy. Before boarding they need to dry for several hours. Features care. Thanks to the unassuming and stamina, the money tree lives very long and gets even more beautiful. The most important requirement is an abundance of sunlight. This plant is native to the African savannas and therefore tolerates even dry air of apartments

Advice 2 : How to plant out money tree

Money tree – succulents from the family Crassulaceae. In the indoor environment often grow jade tree. It is believed that this plant, located in the apartment according to the rules of Feng Shui can bring in-house financial well-being. Crassula propagated by cuttings and seeds.
How to plant out money tree
You will need
  • - sheets of jade;
  • - ground sheet;
  • loam;
  • - drainage;
  • - charcoal;
  • - sand.
To propagate a jade tree is best in the spring or summer. The easiest way to get a lot of new plants consists in growing them from leaf cuttings. To do this, break off some leaves and dry them for half a day.
Prepare a wide shallow container with drainage holes. On the bottom pour drainage, mixed with charcoal layer and a half-two centimeters. Over the drainage place a damp soil, consisting of equal amounts of leaf, humus and sand.
Stick the leaves of the jade in the soil mixture from the side where they were attached to the stem. The leaves should be submerged in the soil no deeper than half a centimeter. A few leaves can just decompose on the soil surface.
Put the container with leaves in a bright place. Once a week the soil is wet. In the course of a month or a month and a half leaf cuttings will take root.
Young plants grown from rooted cuttings should be seated in separate pots when they reach a height of three to four centimeters. For this you can use any of the sustainable capacity of small size with a drainage hole. Down, pour a layer of expanded clay, and soil mixture may use the same as the one which sprouted cuttings.
Transplant the jade should be every two years to a larger diameter resistant pot. Very large capacity for planting is not recommended because it will stagnate water, which is harmful for this plant.
The most attractive is the jade formed in a trunk with luxuriant foliage. Sometimes, if a plant grown from rooted branched escape, the trunk may split at the base into several branches. This plant can be carefully divided and seated in separate pots. To do this, remove the jade from the pot and cut so that each resulting plants remained approximately equal roots.
Dry the cut to air during the day, powder it with charcoal and put plants in separate pots. Two weeks later, jade can be the first time to water.
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