To grow crassula easy, it is unpretentious, does not require any specialized care. But if you will be able to provide her with a comfortable environment, it can even bloom. In hair-Shui, it is believed that money tree, suddenly threw flower buds, predicts a huge fortune or a windfall.
Crassula propagated by cuttings and leaves. Just take one of them from the adult plant, slightly dry in the air and you can plant it in a separate pot. While the process does not take root, the pot can be covered with plastic sheeting, but in this case the plant will need to ventilate at least once a day.
Put a pot of money tree is better in the area of wealth apartment, which is usually located in the South-Eastern part. Will be very good if you can organize the plant partial shade, in direct sunlight and in the darkness jade can start to hurt and throw off the leaves.
Watering the money tree should be very sparingly as the drying of the upper soil layer. The leaves of the jade are very fond of spraying from a spray they throw a little douche about once a month. In winter, watering the tree should be kept to a minimum or discontinue altogether.
Older plant, according to the rules of Feng Shui, it is necessary to tie a red ribbon around the trunk and decorate it with leaves small coins.