Go to your profile in a social network Vkontakte, using the username and password. The right side of the page, select "My settings". Click on the tab "Balance". Here you will see how many votes your account at the moment. Below on this page is the statistics of incoming and outgoing transactions on the basis of which you can see when and what was spent of voice, and when carried out the previous operations of Deposit account.
Fill up voices Vkontakte in one of several ways, by clicking "Get voting". To acquire the desired amount, for example, from your mobile account, credit card, through electronic payment systems, etc. Usually the voices are credited to the account immediately after the purchase, and the user receives a notification. On the page balance is also a link to send the votes to the other. You can send them to one or several of their friends at once, which is one of the ways of updating user accounts.
Try to go into the statistics of votes more often, especially if you keep in your account a large amount. The hacking of pages of the social network Vkontakte is not uncommon, and if your profile gets hold of the attackers, they can translate your voice to your account. Periodic reconciliations will help you in time to stop the illegal actions. If you notice any discrepancies, immediately change the password on your page and refer to the administration of the social network link that is located under statistics. Here you can consult on technical issues, for example, if the purchased votes were not credited to your account.