A year ago any user of the social network Vkontakte had the opportunity to send a gift anonymously. Recently, however, the interface and functionality of Vkontakte began to change. There are a lot of nice bonuses: viewing photos in full-screen mode, improved section with personal messages and much more.

Good or bad, but along with such "amenities" some rights that users are already accustomed to, just disappeared. Disappeared and the ability to send anonymous gifts to friends and other users of the social network.

Innovations in Vkontakte are primarily related to the fact that policies of anonymity a long time already is not justified. Because its soil is born a lot of insults and other unpleasant situations.
At the moment 52% stake in Vkontakte belongs Group. And, most likely, this percentage will only increase.

But don't worry, because if you with the best of intentions want to send a gift to man, but is too shy to do it publicly, it is for you, there are "workarounds".


But first it is necessary to tell about possibilities which officially provides a social network when sending a gift. You may want to send a gift without telling his name to the public, but revealed to the recipient.

In the Vkontakte provided this opportunity. Once you select any gift in the submission form check the box next to the words "Show my name by the recipient only".

If sent anonymous gifts earlier, before the innovation, can not survive. The VK administration assures users that their names are not disclosed and are not disclosed.

Workarounds and possible pitfalls

So is there any possibility to make an anonymous gift? Yes, there is. Alternatively you can register a new page where you specify a name. For this you will need a free mobile number.
On the Internet there are a considerable number of "special programs" that are supposedly able to send the gift anonymously. None of these programs do not fulfill the promise. Instead, your PC probably will be a couple of viruses.

After registration, throw on page of the voice, and send anonymous gifts. You can also delete this page. Deletion will not affect the gift. It will not go away and your page will be displayed as deleted.