Why do men grow cold to their wives

If you notice that your spouse started indifferent to you, do not rush to accuse him of this, but first please note the changes that have happened to you after you spent some time in legal marriage.

Men often grow cold towards women for the following reasons. Some girls, having lived with a partner for a long time, cease to follow him. They walk around the house in the stretched trousers, with dirty unkempt hair, and clean up only when they need to go outside. Such behaviour is categorically unacceptable. You do makeup and put on nice clothes before going out to the surrounding people looked at you and saw you as an attractive woman, but now it should not be principally because your life is already a man who loves you. All your transformation and efforts should be directed only at him.

The second cause of male indifference is a change in the character of girls. Feeling the power over the representative of the stronger sex, women begin to completely control all movement of my husband, monitor his calls and messages, limit his freedom and personal space, forbidden to see friends and old friends. Constant reproaches and picking at his faults capable of killing interest in your spouse. He stops to look at you as a woman and will treat you as a grumpy housewife who always dissatisfied with something.

How to return passion in relations

If you understand what the cause of male indifference, began to work to address it, don't stop there. Try to return to your relationship is not only love, but passion remains.

To start, preheat the jealousy of your wife, giving him to understand that you can pay attention to other representatives of the stronger sex.

It will be followed by an intimate surprise. You can make your husband a performance with elements of Striptease, in advance take care that you were wearing beautiful and sexy underwear. In addition, you can try to diversify your sex life, making it something new. Owlcotes role-playing games, learn new poses or learn the techniques of erotic massage. Most likely, your spouse will appreciate your every attempt to restore harmony in the family and in intimate proximity.