When love ends, the pair always faces the question of separation. He gets particularly acute when the gap is the fault of the girl. Because her feelings for the guy over. How to tell him about this? How to try to resolve the conflict that will inevitably arise?

Only the truth

Girls tend strongly to shift into a serious and unpleasant conversations. But if it's talking about the extinct feelings, we should not do this. The only thing this guy really wants to hear is the truth, whatever it was. For example, if a girl fell out of love for their own reasons, then maybe you should not read them all, but at least give you the General outline. Honesty with someone you once loved, may not be superfluous or misplaced.

Work on yourself

Girls tend to love and hate several times a day. So before you say that the feelings are gone, you should carefully think about whether or not the love is gone. It is possible that this is just a temporary crisis in relations. If after all the deliberation, the decision has remained unchanged, that is to say that the love is gone, you need. How? In a private conversation eye to eye. Such things were never discussed in a different format. Only in a personal meeting. Tell the young man that I no longer felt for him a romantic attachment, but only a purely friendly feelings. And be sure to emphasize the fact that this is not his fault. What happened, no matter who that just happened.

There is no violence

In the modern world has long been fashionable to breed scandals and quarrels. And to leave everything in a civilized manner. It is not necessary to blame for all the sins of a young man, just give him a chance at a new life, but without you. No need to list all his faults and humiliate, because once you choose it among the other young people in love. And if your love is gone, do not look for the guilty. Just let go and wish happiness. Sincerely and from the heart.
If the reaction of the guy was too negative, we should not try him with something to prove and explain. Give him time to cope with the situation on their own, to let off steam. Don't try to be friends because it may be too painful for him. Release and forget, move forward. Tell me its not love, not waiting for some date or occasion. If the solution you have needed for a while, then say openly and directly directly.