Advice 1: Why husband indifferent to his wife

The first years of married sexual life as a rule, flow harmoniously and brightly. My husband loves and desires his wife, he sees her as a goddess. But not all women are the same. One works on himself over the years, the other goes to a family life and simply forgets that she is a woman. The man is very quick to respond to these changes - ultimately the relationship with his wife, ceased to pay the attention, for it still lose interest. Consider the most common reasons why a husband does not want wife.
why husband indifferent to his wife

Dressing gown - comfortable and familiar

It is clear that family relationship is a chore, but finding time on my own still need. When the husband sees the wife unkempt and eternally flitting before my eyes in your old but such a comfortable housecoat, he involuntarily remembers that which once met and fell in love. In the male the head is more often heard the painful question, how he missed. Why the wife is not afraid to lose him, if he allows himself to fall into his eyes. Yes, she's a good mother and housewife, but first and foremost - she's a woman. And now he is so poor and the unfortunate, begins to pay attention to the beautiful and vivacious beauties on the street, at work, in the bus and taxi. Whether in such a situation to wonder why a man loses interest in his woman?

We are native

Another big mistake that lead to the fact that the husband does not want wife, is that women start treating their spouses. They are like hen-hen, just stifle this concern, forgetting the simple truth - the man is no longer a boy, he lives with his wife, not the mother. And the secrets is almost gone - the mystery disappears, and with it - interest. In bed too, all as the plan, anything new and unknown. The husband always loved his wife and wanted her, to be for him a mystery, and not read the book.

The man is a born hunter

By nature man is a hunter, so he likes to conquer a woman. And when you win certain, he starts to get bored. The woman in the marriage is simply obliged to push his choice on feats, creating obstacles, sometimes be unavailable. It's time for her to remember (and never forget) what real flirting, to use all their wiles to her husband again and again wanted to conquer it.

What to do if husband doesn't want a wife?

Actually, it's not so difficult if you understand and understand men's nature. Even when fatigue knocks you down, you can find at least 5 minutes to clean myself up. You can buy a good perfume, comfortable home to replace the robe with something modern and sexy, because in the 21st century it is not so difficult. Sometimes it is useful to be an actress to get a little jealous of her husband to the neighbor, to arrange a candlelit dinner, invite your sweetheart on a romantic date, have a night (morning, day) unforgettable sex. The main thing - to have time to make it on time, until another brave and resourceful will not do it myself.

Advice 2: Why her husband pays little attention

Family life contains both positive and negative points. One of the points that does not like women is the lack of attention from the husband. There is number of reasons.
It is not necessary to Express their grievances to her husband in a rude manner

Employment and leisure

The husband is the main earner funds in the family. He can take most of his time. Accordingly, earnings is its primary purpose. In an effort to fulfill it, a man can devote practically all his time. The main thing for him is positive.

As a consequence of high energy costs on the job, the man, coming home, needs to have rest. In this case, the house becomes a place where you can rest and relax, not only physically, but also psychologically. He simply does not remain forces for home Affairs. In the statement he claims concerning the lack of attention the man gets annoyed. He doesn't understand why the wife is unhappy, as it makes every effort to ensure her and the children. The solution may be a constructive dialogue for which you want to choose the right time. Perhaps it would be better to do this weekend.

Loss of interest

One of the reasons that my husband pays little attention to his wife - loss of interest in her as a woman. This can happen even at the beginning of their life together. This is justified by the fact that the man made the woman and relaxed. He worked the end of the program "Conquest". However, he is absolutely sure that to pay attention to the woman should be only in the process of courtship.

When a long marriage a man may cease to be interested in the wife. This happens because over time they get used to each other so that they cease to perceive their spouse as a sexual object. As a result, lost the need it.

In the case when the wife stops to look after themselves, the husband also fails to pay attention to. Groomed appearance, plump figure, in untidy clothing is unlikely to attract the attention of men. All this, on the contrary, will contribute to the search for new sensations on the side.


Pay attention to their behavior in the family. If you are constantly nervous, raise your voice and Express claims, the husband will avoid communicating with you. The reason for this is it will try to protect itself from nerve-wracking moments. Find a way of correcting their behavior, learn to relax. So not only do you lead your nerves in order, but will also help the husband to find in the family vacation.

If you cannot resolve problems, contact your specialist. Family psychologist will help to find the reasons of misunderstanding of the spouses, as well as give necessary advice on improvement of psychological climate in the family.

Advice 3: What to do if your husband looks at other women

Men by nature are polygamous, so they tend to pay attention not only to your soulmate, but also on other members of the fairer of the fairer sex.
What to do if your husband looks at other women

Why do guys look at other girls?

Somewhere in the depths of men's consciousness lies the need to admiring the female beauty. Earlier, in ancient times, people there was no concept of loyalty and love. Males because of their instincts could afford intimacy with any member of the opposite sex, but the relationship with one lady only came after a long time.

According to psychologists, a man, calling his attention to many women, is absolutely healthy. This behavior speaks only of a stable level of male hormones. But if the girl starts to worry and worry about it, most likely, the problem lies not in her partner, and her complex and too low self-esteem.

How to behave if a man looks at other women?

If you notice that your significant other enthusiastic admiration of some another woman, not in a hurry to get angry. Recall a situation when passing you on the street is the handsome man with athletic body type. You may also find it difficult to withdraw from his own perspective. Moreover, this behavior is absolutely not meant that you were ready to join with him in an intimate relationship, you are just attracted to the aesthetic beauty of his figures.

His beloved do not make scenes of jealousy about his views on other ladies. Their dissatisfaction it is better to replace a more devious behavior. Start with him to admire the beauty of the fair sex. If he points you to an attractive woman, according to nod your head and confirm that she really looks amazing. Then try to draw the attention of his men and another girl. Over time you will notice that his views are fleeting, and after a couple minutes he won't even remember the face of the lady that you just admire.

Work with your own self-esteem. You have to understand the fact that if your man stopped the choice on you, then he bears you a very tender and deep feelings. He's not going to leave you, despite all the surrounding beauties.

If you have more confidence, begin to more closely monitor their appearance. Pick clothing that suits you, change your hairstyle, pay attention to the neatness. Try not to give the beauty of the girls who daily pass by your beloved.

Advice 4: Why is the husband not paying attention to his wife

Some women complain that men cease to pay attention to them and think men no longer love them. In fact, such behavior of the representatives of the stronger sex is his explanation.
Why is the husband not paying attention to his wife
The first reason why the husband is not paying attention to his wife - full concentration on anything else. This girl is able to perform multiple Affairs, but with men it is otherwise. They can't concentrate on several things at once, and if engaged in something serious, it is unlikely that they will find opportunity at the same time pamper you with tenderness and spiritual conversations. Don't worry, just wait for the moment when your lover's problems will be resolved, or even help him in this, then he will again be at your disposal.
If the husband ceased to pay attention to you in sexual life, the reason for this may be some kind of problem with his men's health. Ask a loved one, how does he feel, if it bothers him something, and only then make some conclusions. If health of your spouse, everything is in order, pay attention to yourself. Maybe the last time you stopped to care for themselves properly and lost their appeal? To regain the lust of her husband, do some self-improvement, visit a beauty salon, update your closet or tidy up your figure.
The third reason for the lack of attention from the husband can be his indifference to you. Perhaps for the time that you live together, he lost interest in you as a person? It happens in the case that a woman does not differ sharp mind and becomes predictable. The man just doesn't know what to talk to her, he is not interested in being on one site with a boring person, so instead to pay attention to you, he's having fun with his friends or come home late at work. If you realize that you have got into such a situation, you need to change. Again become a mystery to your lover, call his interest, lure pleasant conversation. You need to show him that in fact can be very interesting to talk to.
Another reason why the husband ceases to pay attention to his legitimate wife - the appearance of another woman in his life. Look at the behavior of its second half, maybe you'll notice that it behaves strangely with someone talking on the phone, going into another room, comes back home after work or you suddenly have limited access to your personal communications. In this case, you can suspect that he has a mistress.

Advice 5: Why husband wants wife after childbirth

Many spouses are confronted with the fact that the husband loses interest in wife after childbirth. But even the men themselves cannot accurately answer the question of why this is happening. The birth of a baby should bring together his parents, but husband and wife become more business partners than lovers.
why husband wants wife after childbirth

Why husband wants wife after childbirth common causes

The first reason is psychological, but that very few people think. The fact that when a woman becomes a mother, she radically changes his attitude to life. First and foremost, it affects the surrounding people and more on his own wife. If earlier she was just a wife, after a baby in it with new force awaken maternal instincts, unfortunately, they are not just for a baby, but her husband, a woman begins to educate a wife, he begins to see her friend and lover, and her own mother. About sexual attraction in this situation and do not have to think.

The second reason is pretty obvious: the kid takes a lot of time and effort from both spouses. A day a man spends time at work, and in the evening devotes his child, not his wife. The wife, in turn, the entire day is spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, even in the evening this crazy race almost never stops. Naturally, the atmosphere that prevails in the house where a small child, is unlikely to contribute to harmonious and regular intimate life. This is not to say that there is no sex at all, he is, but not in that quantity and not the quality they used to be.

The last reason is changes in appearance of the wife. A woman's body changes after giving birth, many mothers gain weight during pregnancy, and after it. In such a situation, the singular guilt of the husband in the extinction of desire. Even with a minimal amount of free time a woman should do to look after themselves, to look if not sexually, then at least well-groomed and attractive. This will benefit not only the family but also the psychological state of a woman - a beautiful reflection in the mirror is uplifting and makes more confident.

How to return desire of the husband after giving birth

Of course, reasons why a man does not want his wife after childbirth, can not be three and more, but there is a solution.

First, we need to be patient, because the child is growing fast, with a time of worries gets smaller and women have the opportunity to gradually return to normal for her and the rhythm of life. In addition, the couple have more free time to devote to each other.

Secondly, you need to give each other time to adjust to new roles in the family, because both man and woman survive the stress.

Conclusion: if a man and a woman truly love each other, then the temporary absence of a regular and fulfilling sex life is a coming phenomenon, which needs to survive. Many families are faced with this problem, but with patience, most of them managed to establish a perfect intimate relationship after 2-3 years, and sometimes sooner.

Advice 6: What if the husband began to take care

Some men, living a long time married to his wife, begins to ice her. If your family has encountered just such a situation, you can try to save the relationship and regain the passion.
What if the husband began to take care

Why do men grow cold to their wives

If you notice that your spouse started indifferent to you, do not rush to accuse him of this, but first please note the changes that have happened to you after you spent some time in legal marriage.

Men often grow cold towards women for the following reasons. Some girls, having lived with a partner for a long time, cease to follow him. They walk around the house in the stretched trousers, with dirty unkempt hair, and clean up only when they need to go outside. Such behaviour is categorically unacceptable. You do makeup and put on nice clothes before going out to the surrounding people looked at you and saw you as an attractive woman, but now it should not be principally because your life is already a man who loves you. All your transformation and efforts should be directed only at him.

The second cause of male indifference is a change in the character of girls. Feeling the power over the representative of the stronger sex, women begin to completely control all movement of my husband, monitor his calls and messages, limit his freedom and personal space, forbidden to see friends and old friends. Constant reproaches and picking at his faults capable of killing interest in your spouse. He stops to look at you as a woman and will treat you as a grumpy housewife who always dissatisfied with something.

How to return passion in relations

If you understand what the cause of male indifference, began to work to address it, don't stop there. Try to return to your relationship is not only love, but passion remains.

To start, preheat the jealousy of your wife, giving him to understand that you can pay attention to other representatives of the stronger sex.

It will be followed by an intimate surprise. You can make your husband a performance with elements of Striptease, in advance take care that you were wearing beautiful and sexy underwear. In addition, you can try to diversify your sex life, making it something new. Owlcotes role-playing games, learn new poses or learn the techniques of erotic massage. Most likely, your spouse will appreciate your every attempt to restore harmony in the family and in intimate proximity.
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