If you are experiencing such a "lover" nor friendship, nor respect, explain yourself frankly. That is, in direct and not allowing any ambiguity in interpretation of terms you tell a man that he is wasting time and his insistence borders on indecent molestation. But, of course, such a conversation should be carried out without extra ears! Because male pride is so would be very painful.
If a man makes you sympathetic or do you just not want to offend people, act "thinner", with a truly feminine art. Cleverly play on the fact that typically male and female interests, habits and Hobbies are diametrically opposed. For example, it is enthralling and inspiring women activity like shopping! Ask persistent gentleman to accompany you to the store, and "take heart". Treat yourself to the pleasure for several hours, examining, trying on, comparing things. Along the way, he himself require live participation: "for Me this coat?", "Will there be this blouse to match my black pants?", "Do you think it is not too bright lipstick?" And in any case not be satisfied with monosyllabic sentences, require extensive, detailed review! Very soon your date will be ready to run away from you, aimlessly.
After hours of torture going to the store (for him, of course!) politely thank, reassure that he was a big help. And promise again in the near future to take him shopping.
Remember that the vast majority of men just can't handle "empty chatter". In this category they include ladies ' gossip. Make your next meeting took place in the presence of two (preferably three) girlfriends, with whom you will discuss all the latest news! Try to drag the conversation longer, not reacting to his anguished sighs and gnashing of teeth. For reliability, repeat this procedure three to four days.
Well, if hapless love will endure even that, honestly, such men are not lying on the road! Think about it: not to assess whether or not his perseverance and dedication is appreciated?