Advice 1: How to treat vascular Genesis

To the vascular origin of the brain include various disorders of cerebral circulation, strokes. Vascular lesions often cause permanent damage (partial or total paralysis, other disorders of body functions).
How to treat vascular Genesis

Causes and symptoms of diseases of vascular origin

To existing risk factors in the development of diseases of vascular origin include emotional stress, hypertension, increased levels of glucose in the blood, obesity, alcoholism, drug abuse, violation of lipid metabolism, meteorological factors, physical inactivity, Smoking, trauma to the head. This includes blood diseases, vasculitis (specific and nonspecific), aneurysms of cerebral vessels, heart disease, heart disease with rhythm disorders, diabetes, hypotension, degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, the syndrome of vegetative dystonia.
Diseases of vascular origin can manifest itself in various forms. This can be a group of transient circulatory disorders of the brain, clogging of arteries, rupture of blood vessels and bleeding in the brain (stroke).

The main symptoms of such diseases:
- episodic or persistent increased blood pressure (pressure between 140 mm Hg. century),
arrhythmia (increased heart rate to 90 or decrease to 60 beats per minute at rest, tells about health problems),
- headache, dizziness,
- fatigue,
- difficulties associated with the performance of professional duties,
- a sharp decrease in sensitivity, weakness in the limbs.

Treatment of diseases of vascular origin

Therapy of diseases of vascular origin is aimed at addressing the symptoms of hypertension and atherosclerosis. The indices of fat metabolism back to normal with the help of special medications. Taking medications, normalizing his blood pressure. For headaches, migraines prescribed "Dihydroergotamine", "Ergotamine", "Sumatriptan", vascular dystonia may prescribe drugs xanthine series. For relief of headaches caused by spasm of the arteries, take antispasmodics ("Papaverine, "But-shpa"), a-adrenergic blockers ("Dihydroergotoxine", "Pirroksan", "Nicergoline"), calcium antagonists ("Nimodipine", "Nifedipine").
In case of headache caused by venous insufficiency will be effective drugs xanthine series.

For the treatment of diseases of vascular origin, carried out the removal of atherosclerotic plaque blocking the vessel. Surgical intervention allows to replace the affected part of the vessel. To restore a patient's prescribed physical therapy and therapeutic exercises that are performed under the supervision of a doctor.

Advice 2: How to treat violation of cerebral circulation

Difficulty or persistent violation of cerebral circulation is a complication of vascular disease or heart disease, which is a potential danger to the life of the patient. That is why you should begin treatment at the first signs of a transient, persistent or chronic circulatory disorders. This greatly improves the prognosis for the life and social adaptation of the patient.
How to treat violation of cerebral circulation
Treatment of any circulatory disorders should begin only after examination by a qualified doctor and be under his constant supervision.
It is impossible to efficiently assist the patient without ascertaining the location and cause of the development of circulatory disorders, but the treatment and examination of patient should be done simultaneously. Compliance with this rule allows you to begin treatment in the first hours or minutes after the development of complications, which significantly improves the prognosis of the disease.
Must convenient to place the patient, preferably on a flat surface, raising his head to try to calm the person and, more importantly, others.
With the development of stroke due to high blood pressure mandatory appointment of special antihypertensive therapy. The majority of drugs must be administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection. That is why in most cases patients are offered admission to a medical or neurological Department.
Before the arrival of the doctor to the patient when an increase in blood pressure can be given under the tongue pill that medicine that is recommended for systematic use.
In the presence of varicose veins of the lower limbs or thrombophlebitis, the patient must take aspirin ("Cardiomagnyl") – this medication affects the blood clotting and reduces the risk of thrombosis of brain vessels.
To eliminate the consequences and prevent the development of disorders of cerebral circulation must necessarily be the appropriate treatment of the underlying disease. For atherosclerosis prescribers contributing to the reduction of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels. For hypertension or symptomatic hypertension necessarily prescribe drugs that reduce blood pressure. The drugs must be taken continuously, at the selected doses.
With the development of complications that threaten the patient's life, must necessarily be the appropriate treatment, which is prescribed by a doctor.

Advice 3: Dystonia of cerebral vessels: symptoms, causes

If you experience headaches of any nature and their periodicity it is necessary to consult a doctor. The cause of these symptoms can be not only insignificant external factors, but also the presence of a tumor or a vascular problem of the brain, which can lead to unpredictable consequences if not detected early.
Dystonia of cerebral vessels: symptoms, causes
The frantic pace of modern life, troubles or family problems lead to nervous tension and the appearance of permanent or recurring headaches. Most people try to take painkillers, to forget for a while about the unpleasant symptom, not realizing that the cause of its appearance can be a very serious problem. According to statistics from the medical services and observations of practitioners, in recent decades the cause of headaches is increasingly becoming a particular type of dystonia of the blood vessels of the brain. This disease can lead to disability of the patient and even death, if it was not timely diagnosed and had not been given proper treatment.

Symptoms of dystonia of cerebral vessels

Symptoms of dystonia vessels of the brain may be not only constant headaches that occur for no apparent reason, but other malfunctions of the body. Most common problems with krovenosnaya of the brain are accompanied by sudden and inexplicable jumps in temperature in the range from 35 to 38, an intermittent malfunction of the heart, it freezes, then speeds up their work. In addition, there is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, there are problems with the urinary system, sometimes there is a feeling of lack of air, there is often a desire to inhale and exhale the air begin to freeze limb at a sufficiently warm ambient air. And, as a result of the manifestation of such symptoms, reduced quality of life, its performance, comes depression.

What can cause dystonia of cerebral vessels

The cause of the problems with krovosnabzhenie vessels of the brain may be a number of factors. In most cases, the appearance of the disease can be triggered by sick – alcohol, Smoking, an unstable routine, workaholism and constant tension lead to the depletion of the vessels, violation of circulation of blood.

In addition, to this disease lead to some chronic problems with the spine, cardiovascular or respiratory system ported mechanical head injury or emotional trauma, for example, the loss of a loved one. Break of brain vessels and excessive physical activity, hormonal disruptions in the body, infectious disease.

Methods for the treatment of dystonia of cerebral vessels

The treatment of this disease depends on its severity, causes, which were brought to him and the General condition of the patient. To choose methods of treatment and drugs only by a qualified medical professional, not a neighbor or friends with similar symptoms. If the disease was detected in its initial stages, it is possible treatment with medicines of plant origin. In more serious cases assigned to the complex medical treatment, sometimes even with the use of hormonal methods.

Advice 4: How to treat spider veins

Vasculature or stars often appear on the legs and face, bringing a lot of trouble, so do not look very aesthetically pleasing. To get rid of them in several ways: conducting medical procedures, surgery, the use of home remedies.
How to treat spider veins
You will need
  • - aloe juice;
  • - starch, sea-buckthorn juice;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • lemon juice, honey, pollen;
  • cosmetic ice from the broth of parsley, chamomile, St. John's wort, sage.
Use the means at hand. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and make them more elastic, you should regularly eat vegetable and fruit juices – cabbage, plum, carrot, etc. the Skin useful to wipe Apple cider vinegar, as a poultice, you can use tomato pulp or blanched cabbage leaves. Tomatoes need to take the green, as they contain the necessary acid, cut them slices, pinning the feet and sabantuya for a while. Cabbage leaves should first be scalded and put on the night, securing the bandage tight elastic bandage.
Blood vessels on the face should be lubricated with aloe juice and make compresses a mixture of starch and sea buckthorn juice. Well there are masks made of pollen mixed with honey and lemon juice are applied all over the face. Useful to wipe the skin with ice from the frozen herbal extracts – broth parsley, chamomile, St. John's wort, sage.
Go to the procedure photocoagulation. This method will help to get rid of small network of blood vessels that look like thin branches and superficial. With the help of a special device on the skin exposed to the beam of light of a certain spectrum – as a result, the vessel walls are heated and glued together. Over time, they atrophy and disappear all traces of superficial capillaries.
Get rid of rosacea with the help of ozone therapy. A highly effective method using ozone and oxygen allows you to enter them in the vessel, which is glued together and the red reticle disappears. The procedure is expensive and less traumatic.
Removal of a large vascular network, go to the procedure of sclerotherapy. This type of surgery is an introduction to vessels sklerosiruuschem substance – grid disappears completely, leaving no trace in the form of scars.
The most advanced cases are treated promptly. Problem vessels is removed completely, gaining access to them through small incisions. This method of getting rid of vascular branching has all the disadvantages of the surgery and rehabilitation period, the risk of infection further limit on load etc.
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