You will need
  • - the statement in guardianship and guardianship;
  • - passport;
  • - documents to sell the apartment;
  • documents provided on the housing;
  • - Bank documents, if the account of the wards of persons deposited funds.
If you sell an apartment that is owned by minors, incapable or partially capable persons, or these persons have ownership of a share in the apartment, contact the guardianship and custody of his district. File a written notice of sale of housing.
Present to the child a certificate of ownership of the sold apartment and a photocopy of your passport. To sell the apartment you will be allowed only in the case if you provide a minor, incapable or partially capable owners equivalent living space in the property, which will not be worse than their share in selling apartment. To register these individuals to relatives or friends - it is an insufficient measure to gave you an order, you will be asked to present a certificate of ownership in the name of minors, incapable or partially capable persons.
In some cases, you will be able to get the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship without providing the property equivalent housing. These cases include: minors, incapable or partially capable of the owner of the apartment to the state content and providing, for example, in the house of the baby, the child, to house disabled or elderly.
If the person was placed under public custody, you are required to open an account in his name, put on it an equivalent amount of the cost of the apartment or her share and to show Bank documents to the guardianship. That is, to put money into the account, you are required to the transaction of purchase and sale.
If you do not inform the bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the sale of property, owners or co-owners of which are ward, parents or legal representatives may apply to the court to declare the transaction illegal, and the rights of wards of persons are violated (article 2965, 3075, civil code).