Trade coins is a good way to make extra money, and it requires little to no prior knowledge. Another thing is that truly rare coins are not so easy. In fact, collectors hunt for the two types of coins – ancient and modern. Their prices vary greatly depending on the uniqueness of the coin and its condition. Those wishing to make money by selling coins, mostly looking for rare modern copies, circulation of which is very small, so their value can be up to ten thousand denominations, that is, the ruble coin you can get ten thousand rubles. On the Internet details all the features and characteristics of these coins, they are mainly associated with the year, mint and errors in minting.
If you got rare coins, you can sell them online. On numismatic websites constantly operate online auctions, where the owners of valuable coins put them up for sale. In addition, there are various specialized forums, message boards, free ad, but better to give preference to sites that include exactly the collectors, as in this case, less chances of unfair deal, and the audience of such sites consists mainly of interested people. For Internet sales you will need good photos of coins from all sides, better to do them in macro mode.
The second option is to turn the coin into cash is to sell it directly to the collector. As a rule, every city has so-called "flea markets", where there are always people buying and selling coins, badges, stamps and other collectibles. Collectors often conduct club meetings, which can be found from Newspapers of free announcements or on the Internet. By the way, in the Newspapers with ads, you can easily find the purchase of rare and valuable coins.
Finally, rare coins can be sold to the Bank. Many banks are engaged in purchase of collector coins. The advantage here is that the transaction will be absolutely safe, but unfortunately, the banks offer a minimum price and also impose very high demands on the quality of the coins.