The information that Russian banks are buying up coins, true, but needs clarification. About buying Russian coins of the first said "SKB Bank", it was bought only coins 2003 the value of one, two and five rubles minted in St. Petersburg. These coins were issued in small numbers, therefore, represent a numismatic rarity. Banks gave them five thousand, that is a pretty good amount. But what is the real value of these coins?

To define it, it is sufficient to refer to the corresponding directories that you can find on the Internet. It follows that the value of the ruble coins 2003 ranges from 9 to 13 thousand rubles, coins of two rubles from 12 to 15 thousand rubles, five-ruble coins – 5-7 thousand rubles. This only applies to coins minted at Saint Petersburg mint. To determine where has been issued a coin, easy enough to examine under a magnifying glass the mark of the mint under the foot of the eagle on the obverse (front side). Note that the coin in perfect condition can be worth significantly more. You can see how these and other rare Russian coins by clicking on the link at the end of the article.

How justified is the Bank for the purchase of these coins? Given that they were released a little, the real profit of the Bank on their purchase and subsequent resale may be very small. At the same time, announcing the buying of these coins, "SKB Bank" had a great advertising campaign. All the evidence suggests that this objective was for the Bank chief. The level of capitalization of the Bank takes place in sixth ten list of the Russian credit organizations.

It is worth noting that investment banks issue and commemorative gold and silver coins that it is possible to both buy and sell. These coins you, in particular, can see practically in any branch of "Sberbank". Investment coins are distinguished by the fact that when buying them don't need to pay VAT. Given that the price of gold is constantly rising, investing in gold coins is a good way to preserve capital.