Obsolete coins have a cost, like any other subject. The main criterion for determining the price of a particular instance, is its rarity. Non-specialist it is difficult to define.
Most of the Soviet coins on a date is practically worthless. However, some of them are of interest to numismatists. Sell coins in different places. Try to find out if your city numismatic club. You first evaluate what you have. On the Internet you'll find prices for coins, tips for sale, and other useful information. However, cheap copies, most likely, no one will be interested. But if you find yourself the coin, the cost of which exceeds $ 100, the buyer will be. Offer to buy her collectors local numismatic club. An important role plays the degree of preservation of the rarity. Clubs and societies, however, is not everywhere.
Coins can be sold in an antique shop - it is a common opinion. But it is true only by half. Shops do purchase coins. But only old. Soviet they are not interested.
To the rescue again, comes the Internet. Find special numismatic forums in which collectors communicate. There you will be able to offer their coins.
There are also online auctions. You will likely be able to learn on the same forums. Little subtlety – in order to sell profitably, you will need to raise your rating. In other words, you first need to buy something.
By the way, that rating is for each collector. It is expressed in arbitrary units and is available for review. You can see how many transactions were a potential buyer and how successful they ended. This will ensure that you get due you pay.