Agree with the cashier of a small shop or pharmacy that will bring them metal coins. As a rule, in places detail is necessary, but if you want to change it without notice, you can refuse. The counting of the money needed time, delaying other customers. A preliminary agreement with a particular employee - the optimal solution in this case.
Try to find special machines for the reception stuff. As a rule, they are installed in banks or shopping malls in major cities. To take a small thing with such devices is very simple. You pour the coins into the machine, which quickly counts them. In return, you receive a check, which will be able to Deposit the amount to the card account or to a specified branch of the Bank in cash.
Open an account or card at the Bank and Deposit their metal coins. In a simple exchange of stuff on paper bills, you can refuse, but not make the money as a Deposit on account is not eligible. You choose the hours when the Bank is not very lots of visitors.
In advance lay a small plastic envelopes according to denomination. Before you donate, leave each multiples of 50, and sign it on the envelope. Thus, you will greatly simplify the calculation.