Don't forget about school. Many high school students, focusing on admission to the University, you begin to scorn to the school lessons and homework. But in vain, because good secondary education becomes the basis for further learning. The higher your results in school, the greater the probability that you will do in University.
Find information on the entrance test held for recruitment to the specialty you are interested in. Some universities in addition to receiving the results of the exam, conduct additional examinations. Emphasize the study of these subjects.
Get ready for final exams. If the grade for the exam, left school, had no value, now it has become decisive. The exam, which is at the end of grade 11, is also the entrance examination to the University. Therefore, its results depend on your chance to go to a particular place.
Read additional literature for majors. This will not only help you be more likely to enroll in the selected school, but also will raise the level of knowledge in General. Try to delve into the subject, study it to the end.
Visit the training courses organized by the University in which you are going to do in the first place. As a rule, they are provided on a contract basis, and their cost varies from the type and prestige of the University. Many of the universities at the end of the course give the students their certificate of completion, which is a benefit when applying.
Hire a private tutor. If you feel that some subject you know well enough, refer to the services of personal trainer. First, such training is more effective than in a group. Secondly, you will be more confident, which plays an important role in the exam.
Collect all the necessary documents. These include a certificate of completion of the exam, the General certificate of secondary education and the pictures for your personal business.