Mobile operator "Beeline" refers to the replacement service hooters on the tune "Hello." To connect, please, dial the free number: 0770. You can disable the service by calling free number: 0674090770. The monthly fee for the service and the cost of each tune is indicated on the operator's website.
For subscribers of "MegaFon" is the service "Replace hooter". To put the melody on the horn, call or send SMS to the number 0770. In the first method of connection (call) after call button 5 click advanced. The cost of the melodies and the monthly fee specify on the operator's website and the website services.
In the network "MTS" is the service "Beep". Connects one of duhemian: 0550*, *111*28#. When you get bored of music and want to go back to the dial tone, dial *111*29#. Detailed information about the cost and terms of service contained on the site operator.