It includes a number of interesting options for the management of music files. So, if you want to put a specific ringtone for a particular person even set a specific time for its sound, you can do this without difficulty.
To activate the service just. You need on your mobile phone to dial a short number 0770 and challenge. Immediately after that ringing in your phone will replace the standard ringing tone. And call this number, and tune - free.
If default tone doesn't suit you, you can replace it. On the website there is a catalog of ringtones. You can also call on the same short number and choose.
If you already know the code of the song you like, you can send it by sms to 0770 and the service will be automatically connected.
There is another way. If you like the melody of the tone of your friend, who is also a subscriber of "Beeline", then you can install it yourself by copying. During the call he hit the "star". In this case, the service is also activated automatically, and you will receive an sms, where provided, the name of the tune, how much and what is the validity period. Because if you press the asterisk, it means that you agree to the terms of this service.
Show imagination and sense of humor, with a "Hello" you can obtain the original merry horn, for example, a song in their own performance. This first connect on 0770 room service, a same or 0778 record your greeting. The rate of cost-of-entry – 10 rubles per minute. You can create an entry no longer than 30 seconds.