If you decide on this innovation, you have several options to order your favorite tuneon the option to send an SMS to a special number with your carrier, contact them by phone or visit the website.
For example, subscribers of MTS connect services will cost at 50.3 roubles, after 30 days, the melody of the need to buy again.
Tele2 offers an impressive list of paid ringtones and jokes for a modest fee (1 ruble per day), and the ability to upload up to 10 different tunes in to your personal account.
This service from MegaFon will cost about 2 rubles per day, including the trial 14 days for free. To manage your ringtones conveniently through the official website of the company. There you will find some extra features.
Conditions and tariffs for subscribers of Beeline largely consonant with the terms of the Megaphone, the monthly fee is not more than 2 rubles per day.
If you decide to go the other way and try to replace the horn yourself, in your disposal a lot of alternative Internet sites offering ringtones and jokes for every taste in exchange for a paid SMS.
Hunters to free money, you can try your luck by downloading and installing on your computer the My Fun Tone V. 2.0, here and there flitting in the Internet. As the reviews about its effectiveness are very vague (given that the previous version was just "fluff"), first verify that the specified reference and that in your phone there is a necessary Windows component.