You will need
  • You will need a lot of patience, observation and desire to understand the true causes of her actions.
Analyze your feelings. How would you characterize this period. Cooling, stability, passion, affection, romance, - which of these descriptions fit you best? The indirect cause of female infidelity can be cold to cool you.
Find out if she found his ideal. Sometimes even after marriage, women dream about the star or the Bob of the parallel groups. Does it have nostalgic feelings for former lovers? Does she believe that you will be together until death, or thinks he can find someone else? Women who are prone to cheating, included "search behavior". Still interested in cute strangers and prospective friends girlfriends.
Watch how she treats time. If a woman started an affair, changing her relationship to commitments and meetings. It usually begins to stay late at work to spend the night with friends, to forget about joint plans.
Remember how she responds to phone calls. If she stopped taking the phone calls from a certain number in your presence, she might call someone whose existence she wants to hide from you. In addition, the wrong wife , and she doesn't always pick up when you call her. Of course, this quality may be inherent to some ladies. But in times of change it usually escalates.